First days in Greece – Crete

After I got back from Brazil, I spent a few days in Lisbon. I missed it already! And now, I’m in Greece. My friends and I decided to come to Greece for ten… Continue reading

In Brazil…

What’s happening here in Brazil – thousands of people protesting against the Government!

Protests in Brazil have grown huge; thousands and thousands of people are going out on the streets protesting against the government.

Fotomaratona em Lisboa – 50 objetivos para fotografar a cidade no seu melhor! (with English version)

Sempre que é feriado em Portugal, decido tirar o dia para não fazer rigorosamente nada. Portanto, de acordo com a tradição, o meu plano para o dez de Junho era nada fazer. No… Continue reading

A few reasons why loosing a passport in Brazil is a very bad idea!!

A month ago I lost my passport on a plane in Brazil. I noticed my passport was missing two days after flying to Salvador. With no passport there’s no way I could fly… Continue reading

Bourbon Jazz Festival. The perfect excuse to visit Paraty.

Paraty. A small village south of Rio e Janeiro. Incredibly beautiful and definitely a must-see destination in Brazil.

A new thing to do in Belo Horizonte – Wakeboarding in Itauna

Considering the absence of a beach in Belo Horizonte, people have to find alternatives to the sea. I just found one this weekend – wakeboarding on Itauna’s Dam.

It’s Winter Time in Belo Horizonte!

Now that we’re in May, winter time is starting in Belo Horizonte, hence these incredible sunsets. And by winter I mean 24ºC instead of 34ºC.  Anyone like me, coming from Europe, would think… Continue reading

A few days in Praia do Forte

Last weekend I had a very nice visit from home. As a result, I ended up spending some very good days at the beach, with the best possible company.

A few things I’ve learned about Rio de Janeiro

All the time I’ve spent  in Rio de Janeiro wasn’t all about just having fun, they also gave me some veeeery wise knowledge about the city!