The World Cup in New York

New York, New York! Such a cool city. So hectic, and messy, and noisy, and dirty, and smelly, and yet…so fun, and diverse, and pretty, and entertaining, and amazing!

Video: The Bonnaroo Experience – Best music festival ever!

The Farm, Bonnaroo, Roo, you can call it what you want. This incredible music festival was the best I’ve ever been.

US Trip: First stop – Chicago

Stepping out of the plane is all it takes to realize I’m in America. USA is USA, there is really nothing like it!

Italy: Celebrating the ending of University

After a super intensive semester in Madrid, school is finally finished, five years of studies in business are over, forever! And this is cause for ceeee-le-bra-tiooon!

The Portuguese countryside: the perfect escape to write a Master Thesis!

In madrid is hard to write the thesis, it’s a city, too hectic, too hot, too noisy. We needed a solution!

School-tripping in Vietnam

Last week I was in Vietnam with my entire class. All 27 of us had to go to Ho chi Minh on a consulting mission with a couple of local businesses. 

Art everywhere in Madrid

Madrid just had a very ‘artsy’ weekend, full of art fairs and exhibitions. Everything very contemporary, and a few things worth sharing.

Madrid: The Tapas Paradise

I’m in madrid for almost a month now, but i feel like i’m in my city already, i could get used to this lifestyle in a second.

Lisbon feels like home!

No matter how much I travel and how many places I live in, Lisbon is always the place where everything starts. And where everything ends. 

Things you learn about Paris when living here

I’ve been living in Paris for a few months now, and I feel like I can make some general points on what happens around here, or even better, on how people usually are.… Continue reading