South America: Machu Picchu and Aguas Calientes

This is one more story about my trip to South America. But this time is a very good story with no tragic happenings. My friends and I decided to do the 3-day tour… Continue reading

South America: On the way to Uyuni

Last Summer I went to South America with 5 other friends. We visited Peru and Bolivia for 4 weeks and then crossed the boarder to Brazil to go straight to Rio for a… Continue reading

LISBON: Optimus Alive 2012

LISBON! Last weekend I went to Lisbon for the Music festival Optimus Alive. It happens every year and every year I go there, not just for the music but for the event itself,… Continue reading

Backpacking in Samoa

Even though Samoa is not a famous destination and most people haven’t heard of it, let me tell you that it has a lot to say about it. At the time I was… Continue reading

Camden Street Art

Today I took some photos of Camden’s street art. Here you can find all kinds of graffiti – traditional and stencil. Most of them are really good, just look at the photos.  … Continue reading

Why now?

This blog was created so I could document my trip to Nepal, which is supposed to begin on the 2nd of August. However, then I thought I could use it to write about… Continue reading