Nepal: Kathmandu Part 2

So, continuing the last post, after Pashupatinath Stupa we also saw Swayambhunath temple, which I think was the most beautiful one. It’s located at the top of a hill and you can see… Continue reading

Nepal: Kathmandu PART 1

After 3 flights and several hours spent in airports we finally arrived in Kathmandu. The airport is funny, there isn’t one single TV or computer, the passport control is almost nonexistent and there… Continue reading

Planning the Trip to Nepal and India

Today we’re catching the flight to Kathmandu. We have 5 weeks to do whatever we want there. In the last couple of days we tried to make a draft of the things we… Continue reading

Bali: Trip to Nusa Lembongan

I went to Bali alone for two weeks. I went there because I was in Darwin, Australia and it was only a 40-minute flight away. My flight was really late at night and… Continue reading

Goodbye London

When I first arrived in London, in September, our house in Camden Town was still under “construction”, we had no floor in the living room, there were men painting our walls and some… Continue reading

San Francisco, the Best Place in California

I traveled around California with a friend for about a month, and our favourite place was obviously SanFran. Why? First of all the city is amazing, second the people are really nice (and… Continue reading

Leaving London: the one-year stay comes to an end!

On September last year I came to London for my first year of masters. Now, after 2 semesters at Uni and a 3-month internship I’m leaving this city with very good memories. I… Continue reading

New Zealand: Best places in South Island

When I was living in Wellington, New Zealand, I had a lot of time to travel around. To be honest, traveling was all I did. NZ has so many places to visit that… Continue reading

Skydiving: almost like flying!

One day I was at home in Lisbon with a friend, when she received a call. It was Domi asking if she wanted to go skydiving the next day. She thought it was… Continue reading

Best Sunsets I’ve seen so far

Today was very sunny in London, which is really rare but it happened. I went to Primrose Hill, and even though the sunset wasn’t anything special, I remembered the ones that were. Here… Continue reading