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Overview of my 2014

Since 2014 is over, before starting to make plans for the new year I decided to go over everything I did in 2014. I realized I actually visited a lot of different countries.… Continue reading

The World Cup in New York

New York, New York! Such a cool city. So hectic, and messy, and noisy, and dirty, and smelly, and yet…so fun, and diverse, and pretty, and entertaining, and amazing!

Video: The Bonnaroo Experience – Best music festival ever!

The Farm, Bonnaroo, Roo, you can call it what you want. This incredible music festival was the best I’ve ever been.

US Trip: First stop – Chicago

Stepping out of the plane is all it takes to realize I’m in America. USA is USA, there is really nothing like it!

Some of the Best Ways to Travel the World

The other day I realized how many different transports we can use to travel. That’s when I started thinking on the ones I’ve already tried and ended up doing this post on the… Continue reading

San Francisco, the Best Place in California

I traveled around California with a friend for about a month, and our favourite place was obviously SanFran. Why? First of all the city is amazing, second the people are really nice (and… Continue reading