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Some of the Best Ways to Travel the World

The other day I realized how many different transports we can use to travel. That’s when I started thinking on the ones I’ve already tried and ended up doing this post on the… Continue reading

New Zealand: Best places in South Island

When I was living in Wellington, New Zealand, I had a lot of time to travel around. To be honest, traveling was all I did. NZ has so many places to visit that… Continue reading

Best Sunsets I’ve seen so far

Today was very sunny in London, which is really rare but it happened. I went to Primrose Hill, and even though the sunset wasn’t anything special, I remembered the ones that were. Here… Continue reading

Backpacking in Samoa

Even though Samoa is not a famous destination and most people haven’t heard of it, let me tell you that it has a lot to say about it. At the time I was… Continue reading