Colombia Part 3: some days in paradise at Tayrona Park

Tayrona is a 5-hour bus ride from Cartagena. It is a National protected park close to the city of Santa Marta, where you can pay an entrance fee and stay as long as you want.

There are no hotels or bungalows here, either you rent a hammock or a tent and then camp on one of the camping sights. There are two possible ways of getting further inside the park,  either you follow the trekking paths or go by horse. There are no cars or motorbikes.

On the way to the camping we decided to walk. The trekking was about 1 hour to the first stop and then 45 minutes more to get to El Cabo San Juan (the second stop and also the best place). 

 On our way back we decided to walk the first half an hour and then try the horses. I realized I had never been horse riding before. It was funny, they go through the rocks, sometimes in very steep paths making you constantly think you’ll fall off the horse. I was told if I kicked the horse’s back with my ankles it would go faster, but the horse turned out to be a very slow thinker. I kept kicking it but it wouldn’t speed up. Of course when it finally decided to do has it was told, the horse starts going way too fast and for some very long seconds I though ‘bye bye cata’. I’m still here though – intact!

 Anyway, the beaches at the park are something close to paradise, white sand beach with palm trees everywhere, cristal water, and not too many people around. There are many colombians and quite a few tourists but it still remains very quiet and with no big crowds as you would expect in a cool place like this. But, apparently on the weekend gets much worse, people were queuing up when we left.

On our way there, in the bus, we saw many hotels under construction. I guess that soon Colombia will be invaded with tourists and it will be hard to keep Tayrona Park as wild and unexplored as it is now. 

Anyway we stayed here for two nights, it was nice to get some sun and relax a bit after so many days waking up before dawn. We did some trekkings, met some nice people and got a sun tan. Perfect! The only thing missing was music and some party at night but I think they don’t want to have drunk people in the park.



Next stop: cartagena!