14 things that make London such a cool city!

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Coming back to a place I used to live kind of feels like visiting home. I missed London!

Last time I visited London I took the Eurostar from Paris and arrived in King’s Cross completely empty-handed. Some French person must have been very happy when he decided to steal my luggage and keep all those cool things I had inside. This time my computer, my passport and my clothes were still with me. In fact, I made sure I brought a backpack to hold it tightly around me – definitely not willing to lose everything again!

Anyway…What makes London sooo….London?

1. It’s very noisy, and crowded, and hectic. People, cars, shops, buses,…it can all be a bit too much.

2. Everyone I know has something bad to say about London. And yet, most of these people move in or think about moving in.

3. ‘Oh! The weather is so depressing’. It’s really not that bad, I’ve been to much worse cities in Europe. 

4. The prices are just obscene. I can’t argue on this, they really are.

5. Bus drivers refuse to open the door for you even if they’re only 2 meters past the bus stop. It drives me craaaaaaazy – rules are made to be broken. Slightly. Just a little tiny bit, PLEASE!

6. There must be something about this city that makes everyone keep coming back. It’s hard to say what it is, but there is definitely some kind of force pulling you into the never-ending rhythm of London.  

7. Everyone must have fell in the bus at least once. Bus drivers love to speed up before people have time to sit down. It’s on purpose, I swear. I seriously believe they are actively looking to have the highest moment of the day when someone falls.

8. Having a coffee in London takes forever. Taking a coffee at Pret-a-Manger means you have to wait half an hour before the temperature is humanly acceptable to have a first sip.

9. In the supermarket, there is always an angry lady complaining that I need to learn how to drive the shopping cart. I usually thing the same about the others. It must be a general problem of the population. 

10. In any public space, there is usually a girl speaking very loudly on the phone, making sure you hear all about the details of her funky date last night.

11. The concept of people-traffic was born in London. People think it’s an Asian thing but it was London who invented the traffic on sidewalks. Oxford Street? Carnaby St? Camden? Borough? They all have serious problems of people-congestion. 

12. At  some point in the day, the east-west dilemma will come up. Taking a decision on where to eat, or go out, or go do whatever is just too hard. Too much choice!! 🙂

13. London is the best place for music. There are concerts every night, it’s so good!

14. London has the best food markets, with delicious food from all over the world. London has super original stores, and cool cafés, and juice bars, and organic-farming-super-sustainable-all-sorts-of-products shops. London is the city of everything. 

London is amazing, we just need to get used to it. 

And ‘because I’m all about that bass’, here’s a short video showing a bit of London these days.