Discovering Castelo de Vide, best hidden village in Portugal

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I’m 23 years old, my grandfather is from Castelo de Vide, we have a house there, but for some reason I had never been there. This time I finally decided to go. And I have to admit, I am a little bit in love with this place.

It’s in Alentejo, almost in Spain and close to Badajoz. It’s very small, on a hill, with a castle on top and filled with nice, old people. I think the average age of the population is about 60/70. And the village is so tiny that even though it was my first time there, everyone knew who’s grand-daughter I was and in which house I was staying.

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For four days I travelled back in time, maybe  2 or 3 centuries ago. Not only I was staying in a little town with a castle and a 3rd-generation population, but also inside the house it was like the last 100 years didn’t pass by at all. There were postcards from 1960, furniture probably from 1800’s, there was even one of those old horse carts, and the books were written in such an old Portuguese that I din’t understand half of it.

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Natural pools of Portagem

Visiting the castles and getting lost wandering through the small streets was nice, but also really tiring. The typical heat of Alentejo is not a myth, it is in fact very hard to bear. So we found out about this natural pools, 10 minutes away, in Portagem, a small town feet way from the Spanish boarder.

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If you want to make a wish, you have to say: “Cadeirinha da Nossa Senhora, Cadeirinha do meu bem, onde se sentou Nossa Senhora, Sento-me eu tambem.” (It’s a rhyme, I swear)

There is this misterious place on top of a mountain facing the village, where every night we could see a light on. It turns out it’s the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Penha, where there is a sacred chair that people can seat and make a wish. According to my grandfather the wishes really come true – he wished to be married to my grandma, which really happened. Let’s hope I have the same luck 🙂

There was a music festival happening very close to Castelo de Vide, Festival do Crato, and this was the excuse to put a group together and go visit the village. The festival was really not that good, but this place…I swear I really don’t understand how is it possible that it’s not super famous. It should be. It’s beautiful.

Castle of Castelo de Vide, view from the roof of the castle, standing on top of the world

And… As usual, the best places deserve a video: