Video: Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2014 – The Festival Aftermovie

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Music festivals in Portugal happen all the time during the summer. I go to a lot of them but this one, Paredes de Coura, is the oldest one and yet, it was the first time I tried it. For sure, the first of many.

The festival happens in the north of Portugal, almost in Spain, and it lasts for 4 nights. The options were camping or renting a house. We rented a camper van, so that we could have the road trip as well!!!

It was the best thing we ever did. Driving the camper van is quite an adventure, moving the wheel is like going to the gym, but once you get used to it, it’s kind of fun. The best thing about it is definitely the sleeping part, it’s so much warmer and comfy than sleeping in a tent. And then, there’s the cooking part, which is a lot easier as well. Having electricity to cook on a stove definitely made the trip a lot cheaper.

The one thing that doesn’t really work is the bathroom. Ignorants like me would think, oh that’s perfect I don’t have to go in the concentration-camp-style public showers, , or stand in line to use the most disgusting toilet on Earth. Humm…it didn’t really happen. The first day of the festival, I was very happy washing my hair in the camper van when we ran out of water and guess who was covered in shampoo?!?! They had to go in the river and fill up a bottle so that I could wash off the shampoo – I swear it was the coldest water I’ve ever tried.

Other than that everything was perfect. The fridge only worked when it was in the mood, but we were lucky, it always chose to work in the most important moments.

The festival itself was definitely the best one I tried here in Portugal. The vibe is completely different. It’s smaller than the others and it mostly brings people from the north, which makes a total different. The northern portuguese are much nicer and funnier, so much more easy-going than in Lisbon. And then the spot is incredible as well. I woke up to the sound of live jazz music, I spent my day soaking up the sun by the river or visiting the village. Then, the stage for the concerts is set in a natural amphitheatre, and therefore, no matter where you’re standing, you can always see the concert. And most importantly, the lineup is always super good – this year’s best discovery were The Growlers.

Anyway, here’s a video to see how awesome this festival is.