Fishermen’s party in Arrifana – I love Portugal!

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I haven’t spent summer in Portugal for several years now. I always travel somewhere else. But this time I finished Uni earlier so I went travelling right away and now I’m back at home.

Home is good!

Driving down the coast, from Lisbon to Sagres, is something people should do at least once in their lives. It’s called ‘Rota Vicentina’, and goes down next to the coast, passing by all these little towns and wild surf beaches.

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arrifana beach

There are hundreds of foreigners spread over the entire coast. They come to settle down and create their own little business – restaurants, hostels, surf schools, etc. Or they come for the surf, for the beach and sun, for the music festivals,…Whatever reason, they all come and stay for a while, and love it. It is very understandable that people love this place, it is really incredibly beautiful. And relaxing. And fun.

This time I went to Arrifana, next to Aljezur and very close to the corner of Portugal, Sagres. We were 8 looking for a place to stay, but of course everything was fully booked. Nevertheless, as expected,  this was no problem because one true fact about Portuguese people is that they’re all very nice and welcoming. We found the alternative at this Surf Hostel in Arrifana – the Endless Summer House. Super cool house, full of people from all over the world and a very nice owner who let us camp in the garden and use the hostel facilities for showering and cooking. Best solution ever!

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View from the top of the cliff in Arrifana

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During the day there are dozens of beaches to go, some of them wilder than others, but all very long and never too crowded, with a lot of surfers and freezing sea water. We tried Arrifana Beach, closer to the village and where people need to go down a huge cliff to get to the beach. And Vale Figueiras Beach, which takes longer to get there, has no restaurants or safety guards at all, but it’s incredible!

fishermens party, fisherman mug, arrifana, aljezur, vicentina coast, rota vicentina, southwest of portugal, summer 2014

At night gets very cold, if it weren’t for all the people and festivals going on every night, it wouldn’t feel like summer anymore. On Saturday in Arrifana, there was a big fishermen’s party. Typical portuguese party!

The entrance fee was 10€ in exchange for the ‘fisherman’s mug’, shaped like a fish with an open mouth, through which any liquid could go through. With that mug everyone had all-you-can-drink of beer or wine and all-you-can-eat of bbq sardines. There were several grills, all in line with boxes full of fish next to them. And everything was based on the principle of self-service.

Even though this place has more foreigners than Portuguese, these traditional parties stay very true to the roots.

arrifana view 1

Last weekend there was also the Arrifana Summer Fest going on. There were singers and DJs from all over the surf places in the world, all singing their typical reggae and ska. It was exactly in the same place as the Fishermen’s party, and it was still stinking like sardines everywhere. But no one said anything. I think no one noticed! It didn’t really matter!

Portugal is amazing. I love this country!