Switzerland it’s a very unexpected good surprise!

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I went to Switzerland for a week. I flew to Zurich not because I really wanted to visit it, but rather for work and to visit a friend. I was really not expecting to be such a nice place. 

I like Zurich.

It’s quite a small city, much smaller than Lisbon, I think  – but that’s open for discussion. And it has millions of different rivers – even though the Swiss insist that it’s always the same river, I seriously doubt it. It’s not geographically possible.

It is also the cleanest city I’ve ever seen. Streets and sidewalks are so incredibly shiny that I often found it hard to believe that people and cars actually pass through there. Also, there is no noise at all, transports and cars seem to be unbelievably silent. The city is silent. It really doesn’t feel like we’re in a city. 

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And there’s a lake. A gigantic one. There are boats floating everywhere, ferrys crossing all the time and even people swimming. The water is nice – again, very clean. Also, the weather was unexpectedly hot, sunbathing is Switzerland is something I never thought possible. Please remember I’m from beachy-warmy Portugal!

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And then, on a normal Saturday in the middle of the city of Zurich, there are also grown-ups playing water games in the river. These men were wearing very elaborated costumes from the old days, standing on a boat, holding a stick and paddling against each other, trying to be the first to throw the other one in the water. It was a very serious happening, hundreds of people were watching it, there was even a locutor on a very loud microphone. 

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Funny place this Switzerland.

Next time I must ‘stay natural’ and go do sports, climb mountains and ride bikes. Just like Swiss Tourism told me to do in that big ad I saw the second I got off the plane =)