The World Cup in New York

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New York, New York! Such a cool city. So hectic, and messy, and noisy, and dirty, and smelly, and yet…so fun, and diverse, and pretty, and entertaining, and amazing!

In New York you have to walk. Walk the entire day, every day. By the end of the day you feel so tired, not just physically, but mentally as well. There are too many things to see, too many people, too many noises and smells, it’s too much information and you just want to enjoy everything at the same time – all sorts of food to try, so many curious people talking to you, so many shops and good prices, bars, restaurants, museums, cafes, bikes, buildings, rooftops, clubs,…the list never ends, the city never sleeps, the people never rest!

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Times Square

This was an interesting time to be in NYC. The World Cup phenomena is huge there. Probably because the city has big communities of every nationality, every single match had a big party going on somewhere in the city. All bars and restaurants were fully decorated with world flags, several TV screens and big crowds of proud immigrants and tourists. 

I watched Portugal against US in a Portuguese restaurant completely packed with “portuguee” people – Yes, that’s how the americans call us, I have no idea why and I think I prefer keeping it that way. Most of them were typical immigrants, they didn’t even spoke Portuguese. Only the bad words. When it came to insult the players, the referees, and the coaches, suddenly  the vocabulary was very vast. 

And then I watched Colombia against Japan. That was incredible, even if it wasn’t my team. This other bar was equally packed with Japanese and Colombians, all shouting and seriously vibrating with the game. Colombians had a especially incredible vibe. They were singing and dancing the entire match, they were the loudest football fans I’ve ever seen, they laughed, shouted, cried, and danced all together. I was moved. I wanted to be Colombian at that moment.

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But in the end, it wasn’t all football. Besides all typical touristic spots that people always go because they feel like they have to, there are many other cool places worth visiting. Brooklyn is definitely one of them. Williamsburg is great on the weekends, it reminded me of Bricklane in London. Total hipster-artistic neighborhood, with different coffee shops, vintage markets, graffitis and people everywhere. There was also a cool food market – Smorgasburg –  with food from everywhere and a cool view of Manhattan. 

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Rooftops are great too. This club we went to – Le Bain -, on top of Standard Hotel in Meatpacking District, was one of the best clubs I’ve been to. I felt like I was in Sex and The City, super trendy, an awesome view, great music and of course a certain amount of crazy New Yorkers, models and naked people in the jacuzzi. Sooo NY!

The High Line is also super cool to see. It’s a garden created 20 meters off the ground, on an old train railway that goes from the 16th street to the 30th. It’s always full of people walking around or just chilling on the grass, you can see new york streets from a high point, a lot of street art along the path…It was such a great idea to make an old railway into something so nice!

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The High Line

New York is very different from Chicago. It’s not America anymore. But it’s so much fun and so intense. I love it, I could spend some time there. But it’s definitely not a place to call home.