Video: The Bonnaroo Experience – Best music festival ever!

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The Farm, Bonnaroo, Roo, you can call it what you want. This incredible music festival was the best I’ve ever been.

More than 80.000 people gathered in this remote farm, literally in the middle of nowhere, in Tennesse. It took us a 10-hour drive to get there form Chicago, plus 4 hours waiting in line to enter the camping sight. We got there by 9am on Thursday, and left by 9am on monday. We had the best 4 days I had in a very long time!

It’s hard to describe Bonnaroo, it’s definitely different from any other music festival. Let’s start with the camping sight – it’s enormous, people take it very seriously and literally bring home to Roo, setting up a really nice camping, with everything you can imagine. I saw people having scrumbled eggs and bacon for breakfast!

The people: there are families, groups of friends and couples. There are kids, young people, and lots of people old enough to be my grandparents. They are all there to enjoy the experience, most of them have been doing so for the past years, every year. The mood is incredible, eveyone high-fives everyone, I was told “happy roo” and “make someone smile today” thousands of times every day.

There is no trash on the floor, people don’t throw it, ever! Every morning people grab trash bags and clean the little that was thrown. There are places to fill up the water bottles so that there’s no waste. The cups for the beer are also the same, always. Food is cooked in the moment, no big brands at all. Bathrooms are always impeccably clean. On the camping, people share everything, or they trade. Or they just join others.

There are no crazy people high on drugs or drunk. I mean there are, but they don’t bother. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s literally peace and love for everyone. It’s such a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I had never seen it. It seems like everyone is there to make other people’s Bonnaroo better.

Here is a video of what happened in Bonnaroo: