Italy: Celebrating the ending of University

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After a super intensive semester in Madrid, school is finally finished, five years of studies in business are over, forever! And this is cause for ceeee-le-bra-tiooon!

Because we were incredible students, working hard the whole semester, the entire class of social entrepreneurship decided to fly to Italy to celebrate. We definitely deserved it!

In 10 days we did Elba – Regatta in Punta Ala – Pisa – Cinque Terre.

Once landed in Pisa some of us went directly to Elba, a small island close to Pisa, with nothing else but nature and the sea. Perfect to relax, get some tan and do cool trekkings. It’s so small and safe that we could easily hitch-hike everywhere, making it our only means of transportation while we were there. In fact, a nice old guy took us all the way up a hill, in the back of his truck. From there we hiked up to Volterarrio, a little abandoned castle with an incredible 360º view over the island!

elba, volterarrio, italy, beaches in italy, cool places in europe

elba, portoferrario, italian islands, best places in itay, toscany, europe

Funny fact: the day we went to Elba, from Madrid, was the first day in my life that I was in every possible type of transport – car, plane, bus, train, ferry boat and taxi!!!

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Anyway, after relaxing for a few days I guess it was time to go back to civilisation. So we went sailing for 4 days in Punta Ala, with more than 500 students from Uni. The university, ESCP Europe, organizes this regatta every year where students from all the campuses can join and just occupy one of the 70 sailing boats. We figured, nothing better than our class to represent Madrid campus!

In the end, there was a lot of partying, incredible sunsets and good food, but not so much of sailing! We did one single race on the third day, in which our boat was the only one that managed to crash with another. Maybe the others had priority, maybe it was our fault, but anyway they could have moved out of the way!!! I was in the front, exactly where our boat hit the other, so for a moment I saw my life passing by, thinking my legs were gonna be sliced down into the deep water. But no, I’m very alive and with a good story to bring home. We lost the anchor and had a few scratches, but you should have seen the other guy!!!

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By the end of the regatta we had to go back to Pisa. This is one of the cities (or more like a village!) that I would never consider visiting. But the circumstances took me there and my opinion was kept the same, there is only two good things in Pisa – a small tilted and funny tower and super delicious pizza everywhere. This really made me think the Italians were very stupid not to name the city Pizza, instead.

Anyway, 1 day is more than enough here, I would say 4 hours would be okay. The class was now reduced to 3 after everyone went back home, so we drove to Cinque Terre and found a place to sleep in one of the five towns – Riomaggiore.

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cinque terre, five lands, italy, toscany, toscana

cinque terre, italy, toscany. toscana, italians, best places in europe

These little colourful villages are on the verge of the cliff to the sea. They are all very pretty and full of little restaurants and places to swim. From village to village people can hike, there is a nice path along the cliff, but there were way too many tourists, it was too crowded. Moreover, for those who don’t like to hike, there is also a connecting train going from Riomaggiore to all the other villages, ending in Monterosso. Both options are overcrowded, but than again, that’s the price of visiting such a beautiful place!

Now back in Madrid, looking in retrospective, Italy is a very cool country. This Toscany part where we were isincredibly beautiful and people are very friendly! And the foooooood I can’t even begin to describe – pizza, pizza, pizza – pasta, pasta, pasta – yummy!!!