School-tripping in Vietnam

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Last week I was in Vietnam with my entire class. All 27 of us had to go to Ho chi Minh on a consulting mission with a couple of local businesses. 

Naturally, we mention Vietnam and helping a local business and people immediately think we were on a small town building a school or helping out the farmers. But no! We were, in fact, consulting for Levi’s to improve their marketing strategy. And the weird thing is, all of this was meant at targeting the only 30.000 people, out of the 90 Million population,  that can actually afford a pair of Levi’s jeans. 

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Anyway, we had a week to work on it while visiting universities, incubator centres and entrepreneurs starting up businesses in Vietnam. We had no time to visit Ho Chi Minh but it was actually cool to see how many foreigners simply move there and choose Vietnam as a starting point for their start ups. I would never imagine that in such a typical messy Asian city I would find so much going on.

In the end, we managed to enjoy Saigon (same city, different name) only by night, and of course, gastronomically. I have to say, I usually don’t like asian food, especially if it’s spicy, however, I have to admit Vietnamese food is delicious. It’s super light and healthy, full of seafood and almost never spicy. I loved it! I really like the city, I thought the vibe is super relaxed, people are very nice and easy going, not too messy and, just like Bangkok but on a super small scale, it has quite a big night scene, full of different clubs and foreigners everywhere.

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Obviously, too much work by day and party by night would eventually collapse all of us, so once we finished our work at Levi’s we flew 3 days to paradise – Phu Quoc. Here I spent the days sleeping, eating good food and enjoying the beach. Thank you Vietnam!!!! I will come back for more!

phu quoc, vietnam, beach places in vietnam, beach  island, asia, southeast asia, phu quoc, travelling

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Phu Quoc Airport