Art everywhere in Madrid

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Madrid just had a very ‘artsy’ weekend, full of art fairs and exhibitions. Everything very contemporary, and a few things worth sharing.

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In this kind of event there is always too much information, loads of art, most of it not very good. But, when you least expect something cool or something totally original comes up. This is kind of what happened when I saw these things on the video below (by Cadenas and by Cristina Lucas, respectively).

Even though Madrid is not like Paris or London in terms of museums and exhibitions, it still has a lot of art going on in the city, you just have to look for it. The other day I ended up visiting this place, Tabacallera, which apparently was an old tobacco factory and now is just a place that some artists decided to take over. Inside is super creepy and dark, with underground tunnels full of amazing graffitis and sculptures made of tubes, plastic and other materials as such. It was amazing.

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So yes, madrid is this small european capital where you can find the most random places right in the middle of the city, where you least expect. I love it for that. I keep finding cool places everyday!!