Madrid: The Tapas Paradise

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I’m in madrid for almost a month now, but i feel like i’m in my city already, i could get used to this lifestyle in a second.

First, it seems like there is no time commitment. For every meeting or event scheduled, people just assume they should be there 2 hours later. Of course this will make everything in your day happen later, starting with meeting times and meal hours.

I’m pretty sure Madrid is the most similar city to Lisbon. Or maybe the Spanish are incredibly similar to the Portuguese, making the city so familiar. 

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La Latina

The Spanish are very loud, they’re always late and they love their jamon and tortilla. They are very friendly, and they like to make you think you speak perfect Spanish. Even if you don’t, they will tell you “pero hablas muy bien tia!”.

After living in very big cities I had forgotten that there are cities like Lisbon and Madrid – small and extremely easy to get around. I love it! It took me 2 weeks to get used to the city map and only a few days more to know where everything is and how to go from one point to another. It’s so easy! 

Traffic is also acceptable and I can even drive every now and then. Life is cheap, restaurants are very affordable, as well as drinks, supermarkets and cafés. It’s perfect!

I would say it is probably not the most beautiful city in the world, but doesn’t matter that much – that type of city you can just visit. This is a very good place to live, very easy going. And of course, it has really cool has some cool places to visit:

crystal palace, palacio de cristal, madrid, parc del retiro, cool places in madrid, spain, espanol

crystal palace, palacio de cristal, madrid, parc del retiro, cool places in madrid, spain, espanol, best places in madrid

Palacio de cristal

cool places in madrid, spain, espana, european cities, europe, travelling

Plaza Mayor

Puertas de sol, madrid, spain, best places to visit, travelling, holidays, spanish tapas

Puertas Del Sol

parc del retiro, madrid, cool places to visit, holidys, backpacking in europe

Retiro park