Lisbon feels like home!

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No matter how much I travel and how many places I live in, Lisbon is always the place where everything starts. And where everything ends. 

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Knowing new places is probably one of the best things in the world, that feeling of going on a new adventure is almost addictive. Somehow, it satisfies your curiosity and fills you up with good stories to tell and experiences to remember. But in the end, the best thing about it is that welcoming feeling you get every time you come back.

Coming home is nice. Everything seems prettier than before, people seem friendlier and friends are closer than when you left, family welcomes you with open arms and even the places you used to go seem more fun than ever. 

This is what happens with most people from Lisbon. Everyone leaves for some reason, either to study or work, and suddenly I realize I have more than half of my friends abroad. But, every time we come back is like we never left, and I mean this in a good way. We go back doing  exactly what we used to do, with the same people at the same places, everything’s familiar and makes you feel part of it.

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I just finished my semester in Paris and I’m moving to Madrid to finish my Master. Paris was great and I’m sure Madrid will be even better. Yet I know this month I just spent in Lisbon was just what I needed before moving (once again) to another country. Every place we travel to will always be amazing, because it’s new and because we always try to take in the best of every thing we do, but coming home every now and then is what makes travelling so good.

I will miss it here and I will enjoy it the same way when I come back, over and over again. Because this is the only place that feels like home

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