Things you learn about Paris when living here


I’ve been living in Paris for a few months now, and I feel like I can make some general points on what happens around here, or even better, on how people usually are.

1. Parisien girls put their make up on the metro. The train can be full of people and shaking all over the place, but somehow they always manage to put their make up. It’s fun to watch!

2. “Putain” is the word most used in Paris. Girls, boys, children, old people. Everyone likes it.

3. Paris is the city of the homeless. I haven’t seen so many anywhere else!

4. The metro in Paris has stops with very funny names – “charonne”, “cardinal lemoine”, “gaîté”, “gambetta”, “cambronne”. And others, impossible to pronounce – “richelieu drouot”, “reuilly diderot”, “porte d’auteuil” (try saying these with french accent)

5. Here in Paris, concepts such as “shower” and “deodorant” have not been well defined yet. A lot of people smell really bad. Going on the metro can be a very unpleasant experience. And unexpected as well, because the chances are, the best looking guy, the one that you least expect, is likely to smell bad.

6. Parisiens go to the bakery to buy baguettes and then carry them under their arms. The same arms that have no deodorant.

7. Parisiens have very good taste in music.

8. In Paris, people in their twenties go to “salons de thé”, just for fun, just for a random get-together. Tea rooms and people in their twenties is a weird combination.

9. People from Paris are usually smart. They’re interested. And interesting too.

10. You know the stereotype that says Parisiens are rude? Well, it’s an under-statement.

11. Not only people are super rude, but they’re always in a bad mood, never smile, and find great pleasure in pretending not to understand foreigners.

12. One thing is true about Paris – it’s probably the most beautiful city in the world. That’s probably why parisiens are so full of themselves. It’s understandable I guess. Or not.

13. Macarrons are over-rated.

14. Pain-au-chocolat is the most delicious thing you can eat in Paris.

15. In Paris, every day can be a gastronomic experience. Every little place serves delicious food.

16. People in Paris are super formal, all the time. Even at university, students are always serious, they never lose their posture.

17. Every single taxi driver in Paris is not French!

I’m sure there’s a lot more facts about this city, but these were the ones I noticed the most!