Funny things that can happen in Paris

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After Thailand, it was time to go back to school. In Paris. After one year working, going back to being a student couldn’t feel better.

Being a student is perfect. Especially in a new place like Paris, where funny things can happen.

A few days ago, here I was walking around Champs Elysées, when a French lady comes up to me and says “Can I take a picture of your eyes?”.

I thought it was a very weird question, but according to her, she does a thing called morfo-psycology, which basically meant she could see my future just by looking at my eyes. She said she could tell me about my professional future and my ideal man, so how could I say no?

I was very curious to see what she would tell me. She looked at me, very worried, and said “You have a big problem”, because apparently I love to travel and I’m always looking for good adventures, but I also like home a lot, so it seems like I will “never be satisfied”, according to her of course!!!!

She went on about my future dissatisfaction, that I’m a business person but I’m also very spiritual, that I need a man with a long face because mine is rounded, that I can never be on a relationship because I’m afraid, and so on…Funny, but not very good news I guess. Maybe accurate, I don’t know. Apparently she knew more than me!

Anyway, this isn’t something that happens often… but the lady was very funny, she was honestly worried for me!!