Thailand: The country of ‘a million smiles’!

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I just came back from an amazing trip to Thailand. I visited the North first and then I flew to paradise, in the South. In total, the trip was 20 days!

First we went to Chiang Mai. We visited the temples around town, there’s millions of them, we tried foot massages for 2€ every day, and we did a 2-day trekking in the jungle.

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The trekking was definitely the best part. Except the fact it was pouring showers most of the time, but maybe that made it even more fun. The first day, we walked uphill the entire day, which meant the next day was downhill. Result: on the second day, and thanks to the heavy rain, everyone was slipping down the hill. Especially us three, considering that we decided, for some reason, that flip-flops were the best shoes to go on a trekking. We ended up covered in mud and barefoot, because the sandals got broken. But we had a lot more fun and didn’t damage any expensive hiking boots! So, I’m still convinced we made a good decision!

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We spent the night at a tiny agricultural village with small houses made of bamboo, built over the rice padis. Obviously there was no bathrooms, so we had to take a “Thai shower”, which consists in rinsing ourselves with small water buckets, in the middle of the jungle, with a panoramic view of the rice fields – we were so dirty that it was probably the best bath we had had in a long time!

jungle trekking, north of thailand, chiang mai, rice padi, rice fields

Thai Bucket Shower

chiang mai, jungle trekking, 2 day trekking in thaliand, north thailand, rice padis, rice fields

Our guide cooked for the group and welcomed the 3 of us in the kitchen while he was doing so. We wanted to learn how to cook Thai food, so Chab (the guide) taught us a few dishes of curry, tofu and typical noodles!

During those 2 days there was also time for a swim in the waterfall, for a bamboo-rafting trip and also a funny ride in an elephant.

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Elephants are cool. They’re huge and slow, and they keep throwing mud out of their tromps. They’re very hairy as well, they don’t smell very good and they’re constantly shaking their ears. Every time they take a step it seems like us, on top of them, will fall on the ground, but that never quite happens. It was a very fun ride!

elephant riding, jungle trekking, north of thailand

The city is also famous for its Nights Bazar, with bars and a lot of shopping. Plus, Muay Tai is a big thing there, so we went to a fight when we came back, which was fun but a little too violent!

Chiang Mai was the perfect way to start our trip. We learned a lot about the country and its culture, and we met a lot of people who we kept meeting in all the other places we went to. Chiang Mai was also the place where we became a group of 5, instead of 3. We met the funny American brothers who travelled the entire time with us.

The only thing that could have not-happened was my iPhone getting stolen at Spicy Club, that’s the one thing I want to forget. But, suffice to say, I’m sure it was a foreigner. Thai people are too nice and too good to do so!