A few party days in Ios

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After Santorini, we continued our trip in Greece to Ios, where we spent just a few days before Athens, and then home.

Ios is a party island. The average age is 22, there’s no one above 26. The island is extremely small, we could walk everywhere, and everything is incredibly cheap, we found a hotel for 15€ a night, where we felt like queens, with a pool on the cliff  over the beach. 

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The days spent in Ios are always the same. There’s no one out before 5pm, the day begins at 7pm at Far Out, the beach club where the sunset parties go on every afternoon. Here is where you see more crazy people doing very ‘inappropriate’ things, which I leave to your imagination.

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There are people from all over Europe, plus a lot of Americans and Brazilians. it’s a paradise for young people – a beautiful greek island with cool beaches, good parties and cheap prices!

Around 11pm they start kicking people out, at Farout. That’s when everyone goes home to have a shower to go out to the village later on. The village is made of narrow streets with stairs going up the hill, and every little corner has a  bar or a club. 

Clubs in Ios reminded me of Malta, but with people slightly older. All clubs are next to each other, they have the exact same music playing, they’re all super crowded, and they’re all free to go in. 

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I had a lot of fun, and despite the lack of sleep, I could stay there a couple more days. But not more than that though, Ios is actually exhausting. 

After Ios we had to spend a night in Athens because there aren’t ferrys everyday. Unfortunately, that wasn’t so nice, it would’ve been so much better to spend it in Ios. 

Athens isn’t nice. It’s very very dirty, walls are covered graffiti ink, it stinks everywhere, there are beggars every ten meters, and people are bitter. It’s the only place in Greece where the economic crisis is almost palpable –  prices are ridiculously cheap, street walls are covered in written protests and posters, people seem unhappy and there aren’t many young people.

Now we’re back in Portugal, very sad we had to leave Greece. It is definitely a country to repeat, there are still dozens of islands to visit. But anyway, among the 3 islands I passed by, here’s my upshot: Crete has the best beaches, Santorini is the most beautiful and Ios has by far the best parties!!