Santorini – the best sunset in Greece


Santorini is incredibly beautiful! We loved it!

We got there by ferry from Crete. We were exhausted because we had the situation with the police the night before, we hadn’t slept a bit, and had to leave the house at 6am, drive for an hour and then catch the boat!

We were lucky though, we didn’t book a place to stay but was easy to find one for all of us, and cheap.


We stayed for 3 nights in the island. During the day we visited the beaches. Most of them have either black sand or small black rocks. It’s not the most comfortable thing for your feet, the sun makes it burning hot! But the water is so clean that makes the black & blue scenario look cool !! We tried Kamari and Perivolos beaches, and on the last day we hopped on a taxi boat to see the Red, White and black beaches. The three beaches are next to each other, and literally, each one has one of those colours. The beaches reminded me of Algarve in Portugal, there were many cliffs and small caves in between them. They had a lot of potential, but they were all super crowded!


Anyway, the best thing to do in Santorini is definitely walking around the little narrow streets of Fira and Oia. Those villages are where the famous greek sunset happens, over the small white and blue houses.

In Oia, the streets and stairs had thousands of people sitting, just waiting for the sunset, and when it finally came, everyone started clapping their hands very loud!!

We thought Santorini was a quiet island, with only families and couples, but we were totally wrong. At night there was one street with many bars where we went out, just like any touristic party place like Malta or Lagos – crazy people, terrible music, but a loooot of fun!

Now, our next stop is Ios!!