First days in Greece – Crete

After I got back from Brazil, I spent a few days in Lisbon. I missed it already! And now, I’m in Greece.

My friends and I decided to come to Greece for ten days. Our first stop was Crete, we rented a house in Rethymno.

Crete is huge, and we’re 11 girls, so we figured the best thing to do was to rent a van. We called it VANIA, she was supposed to take 9 people, but we fit 11 inside plus 11 backpacks, you can imagine how easily we became the main attraction on the road!!

But anyway, VANIA took us to some really cool beaches. We spent a day at Elafonisi, “a paradise just like Maldives”, according to the greeks. And we also went to Falasarnas, known for having the best sunset in Crete!



We saw Rethymno and Chania, two small cities that we had to pass by, but they weren’t that special. But we had fun though, in one of the nights we went out and had the chance to listen to some pure greek music – terrible!!

Before we left Crete to Santorini, we ended our stay in the island the funniest way possible. One of us woke up in the middle of the night with a weird noise. It turns out, there were 3 men climbing our terrace walls, trying to break in our house. Obviously it caused general panic, 11 girls screaming at the top of their lungs!! We locked ourselves inside and called the police.

A few minutes later several police cars arrived, 3 huge policemen went inside the house, all ready to shoot someone, holding their guns just like in the movies. By the time they got there we were already very relaxed, the intruders had left and now the whole episode seemed incredibly funny. The policemen, with their uniforms and big muscles, looked exactly like strippers ready to get undressed!! Ahaha

In the end, they explained that the place where we were is a very small village where people weren’t used to seeing so many girls. Apparently the guys were just curious to see “the house with the 11 foreign girls”.

So, what started as a scary break-in in the middle of nowhere ended up as a very funny night, with policemen taking their jobs very seriously, holding guns and asking for statements!

Next stop – Santorini