In Brazil…

brazil, bandeira, signed brazilian flag

  1. In Brazil, people are friendly and always in a good mood.
  2. In Brazil, you can find delicious food, especially açaí, pão de queijo and farofa.
  3. In Brazil, every distance up to 8 hours is considered an acceptable short drive.
  4. In Brazil, wine is a luxury, beer is equivalent to water, and cachaça is the ‘grand finale’ of every dinner.
  5. In Brazil, people are very civilized when it comes to parking their cars, they always put them in appropriate spaces. Always!
  6. In Brazil, most women have dual personality – their usual self, and a very aggressive one that always comes up when they’re in traffic.
  7. In Brazil, the price of things isn’t important. What matters is the number of times in which you can divide the payment. So, prices can be absurd, as long as you can pay them in a hundred times.
  8. In Brazil, Religion is a business. A very profitable one!
  9. In Brazil, people go to the doctor all the time. They always have some health problem to be checked.
  10. In Brazil, everyone goes to the gym and everyone lifts weights, tons of weights!
  11. In Brazil, Portuguese sounds a lot funnier than in Portugal. Especially in Minas Gerais, where every word is cut to half.
  12. In Brazil, people like to share food. It always comes in portions to share – just like Spanish tapas.
  13. In Brazil, a lot of people drink coconut water when they’re thirsty.
  14. In Brazil, peanuts are not normal peanuts, they have a crunchy cover. They’re delicious.
  15. In Brazil, when people try to guess where I’m from, they list all possible countries except Portugal. I could be Spanish, French or Italian, but never Portuguese. I guess speaking the same language doesn’t mean anything these days!!
  16. In Brazil, people like to queue. And if there isn’t a queue they find it weird, ‘something must be wrong!’
  17. In Brazil, most men are sexist, and most women like it that way.
  18. In Brazil, people love foreigners. Good for me!
  19. In Brazil, ‘sometimes’ (às vezes) means ‘maybe’ (talvez). So when they say ‘Ás vezes eu estou lá’ you must assume that it means ‘Talvez eu esteja lá’.
  20. In Brazil, if you go to McDonalds and ask for the usual Happy Meal, they won’t know what it is. You must order a McLanche Feliz.
  21. In Brazil, you can find incredibly good music, but the one people will show you, will probably be very bad.
  22. In Brazil, waxing is an adventure.
  23. In Brazil, just like in Portugal, people always talk about food while they’re eating! It can be the diet they’re doing, or all other dishes they could be eating instead, but it’s always about food!
  24. In Brazil you cannot refer to black people as “black” – it’s rude – but you can refer to white people as “white”- it’s okay!
  25. In Brazil, especially in Belo Horizonte, on a Sunday, there are only two possible places where people can be – church or shopping mall. The second one is more likely.
  26. In Brazil, more than anywhere else in the world, people make you feel at home.
  27. In Brazil, I made friends and good memories for life.