What’s happening here in Brazil – thousands of people protesting against the Government!

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Protests in Brazil have grown huge; thousands and thousands of people are going out on the streets protesting against the government.

For a few days now, protests are going on in Brazil; people have been fueled by a long-suppressed anger against the government. And now they seem to be unstoppable, protests are everywhere, the whole world is speaking about it!

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A raise in the buses’ price was what triggered it all. Apparently transports in the main cities are terrible and yet, the government pushed up the prices without showing any kind of improvements. From that, the situation grew into a larger protest – the way the government uses the country’s money, investing all in stadiums and structures for the world cup, instead of focusing on health and education, which are close to terrible.

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So now everyone’s furious and eager to make a change. People of all ages go out in the streets making demands of all kinds. However, Protestants seem to be a little lost, everyone’s asking for different things and there’s no focus. So now people want to join forces and make their message objective and clear to everyone.

Nevertheless, a minority of Protestants hinders the goal of the masses. And even though they’re a minority, the people insisting on vandalizing everything is causing the protests to lose strength. 

First, because it makes it dangerous to protest, pushing away many people who would like to participate. Secondly, and maybe even more important, because those few situations are precisely what comes out to the rest of the world. So, consequently, other countries read the news and think this is just a bunch of vandals in Brazil, making violence for no significant reason.

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The other day I was out in the street and end up in the middle of a protest. I saw people sticking together for a fair cause, trying to send a message. But I also saw groups making fires to block the traffic, breaking things like the world cup countdown TV at Praça da Liberdade, or picking fights with the other Protesters.

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For the outsiders this is pure violence. Everything people hear on the news is the helicopters, the police sirens, the fires, the injured people, the assaults, and so on. Focus is lost and people forget what these protests are really about!

I don’t know if these protests will lead to something bigger, so far I know that the raise in transports’ price was revoked, maybe some better results will come out of it. The most important thing is to keep the protests from getting more violent, which I’m not sure if it will be possible, judging by what I’ve been hearing about Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

And, here’s a video of what I’ve seen in Belo Horizonte: