Bourbon Jazz Festival. The perfect excuse to visit Paraty.

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Paraty. A small village south of Rio e Janeiro. Incredibly beautiful and definitely a must-see destination in Brazil.

From Belo Horizonte, Paraty is an 8-hour drive away. Normally I’d think twice before going on such a long trip, considering that it was just for the weekend. But, ever since I’m in Brazil, my concept of ‘long drive’ has been re-scaled. When you’re in such a huge country, driving for 8 hours doesn’t seem much anymore.

Caixa d'aço Beach, paraty, trindade, beaches around paraty, alternatives to rio de janeiro, brasil

Caixa d’aço Beach

paraty, cachadaço, brasil, rio de janeiro, trindade

Actually, it’s easy to go along when you know the destination is going to be absolutely worth it. Paraty is a small colonial village, where the Portuguese influence is obvious. I guess that made me like it even more. But still, for the non-portuguese tourists, there are numerous nice beaches, cool trekkings and delicious restaurants to try.

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Streets of Paraty

This weekend there was a jazz and blues festival going on. I’m not a huge fan of jazz, but this time it seemed like the best music in the world – the perfect excuse to visit Paraty.

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Bourbon Jazz Festival, Paraty

We had some beach time in Trindade, a little town next to Paraty. Here, you have two options – you can either go for some quiet time and take a trekking to a deserted beautiful beach, or, go for something a little less healthy on a beach full of restaurants with live music and bartenders anxious to fill up your beer glass! Either way, you’ll have a great time!

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Another must-do is the boat day-trip. We went to awesome places that could not be reached any other way. And I say no more , I’m sure the photos speak for themselves…

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The weekend was perfect, only too short! I’ll have to go back…

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Just a small parenthesis:  There’s one bad thing worth mentioning about Paraty – the ROAD BUMPS!! They sprout from the ground, everywhere, all the time!! And they’re not little bumps, they’re enormous mountains!!! It gets extremely annoying, you start to feel like the bumps are playing tricks on you, really!