A new thing to do in Belo Horizonte – Wakeboarding in Itauna

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Considering the absence of a beach in Belo Horizonte, people have to find alternatives to the sea. I just found one this weekend – wakeboarding on Itauna’s Dam.

It’s a cool place! It’s a one-hour drive off Belo Horizonte, and once you get there all you have to do is rent a boat.

Wakeboard is incredibly fun. I’ve tried it once, but a long time ago, I didn’t remember how good it was. And even better was the fact that we had the entire dam for us, there were only a couple of jet-skis around. I have no idea why, maybe people around here haven’t found the place yet, or maybe they just don’t like water sports. It doesn’t really matter, as long as it stays that way!!

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Only this morning I realized that every muscle of my body is making sure I know of its existence, and yet my mood to start the week is waaay better! 

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 PS – thank you to my very good friends who had this awesome idea!!!