It’s Winter Time in Belo Horizonte!

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Now that we’re in May, winter time is starting in Belo Horizonte, hence these incredible sunsets. And by winter I mean 24ºC instead of 34ºC. 

Anyone like me, coming from Europe, would think that 24ºC is pretty hot. However, if you speak with Brazilians, they will tell you otherwise. They’ll say it’s Winter now.

So, once winter starts, it’s time for shops to change their season collections into warmer clothes. Therefore, you can now buy sweaters, and coats and boots in Brazil. Why? Because it’s winter!!!!

And with Winter comes a whole new set of ‘rules’. For example, now people can wear cool jackets and scarfs, regardless of the temperature, because it’s winter! Also, even though it’s 25ºC, wearing shorts doesn’t make sense anymore, because it’s winter! Going to the pool is also weird, guess why? Because it’s winter – the water is cold!!!

best sunsets in the world, winter sunset, belo horizonte, brazil, brasil, minas gerais, bh, south america, winter in brazil, brazilian weather, coldest temperatures in brazil

But one thing is true, it is in fact colder than before. And winter, by definition, is “the coldest time of the year”. So, I guess it makes sense to call it winter, even though it is just a little bit less warm.

Anyway, I just discovered a whole new concept of WINTER. Who said winter had to be cold?! Well, it doesn’t…In Brazil, winter is warm!!!