A few days in Praia do Forte

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Last weekend I had a very nice visit from home. As a result, I ended up spending some very good days at the beach, with the best possible company.

My lovely grandparents decided to come to Brazil at last minute; they were looking for some time at the beach. Fantastic idea, I missed them a lot!

So, we spend a few days in Praia do Forte, Bahia. The place is beautiful. It has a charming little village, with little shops and bars everywhere, and the beach is great.

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The weather wasn’t perfect. One of those heavy tropical storms hit our beach, the wind was blowing like crazy and the rain was pouring showers. But I like it, it’s that kind of storm that you feel a little scared but at the same time you want to be in the middle of it. Plus, swimming in the sea, under the rain is incredibly fun!

Anyway, even with a little rain it’s still a great place to rest and enjoy the beach.  

PS to my grandparents: Thank you for visiting me!!! 🙂