A few things I’ve learned about Rio de Janeiro

All the time I’ve spent  in Rio de Janeiro wasn’t all about just having fun, they also gave me some veeeery wise knowledge about the city!

Below, there are a few funny facts about Rio de Janeiro that will probably interest anyone going there – or not! 🙂

1. At 6 am on a Saturday, the only people you see in the streets are doormen sweeping trash off the floor in the front door of every single building. They’re all in a row, in an almost synchronized movement.

  • Problem: their only concern is to wipe the trash away from their front door, regardless of where it ends up.
  • Result: they keep doing it all morning, throwing the trash back and forth to their fellow neighbor colleagues.

2. In Rio people are healthy. EXTREMELY healthy!

3. In Rio everyone laughs and tries to imitate the Portuguese accent (from Portugal), but they forget theirs is the most similar to ours, among all accents in the Brazil!

4. BB Lanche is the best place to eat after beach.

5. Raining in Rio doesn’t mean staying indoors. On the contrary, it means going out on the streets, partying and dancing in rain.

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6. In Rio every weekend seems like the best weekend you’ve ever had!

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