The 5 weirdest jobs in the world…or in Brazil!

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It’s true, I’m absolutely sure the most unnecessary jobs were created in Brazil. And it’s probably the only place in the world where they still exist.

1. The lady in the Club’s restroom

In every club I go in Brazil, there’s a lady sitting next to the washing-stand, whose job is simply to hand in a paper to every girl after washing her hands, so she can dry them.

So, these women sit in the restroom all night handing in papers to girls. And the really hard-workers, even sell chewing gums as an additional service!

2. The man at the exit gate in the mall’s parking lot

This is a very dynamic job. These guys stand next to the machine where you insert the parking ticket and they do it for you! So, instead of putting the ticket directly in the machine, you give it to the guy next to it and he puts it for you. Very helpful and fast!

It’s especially nice when you’re in a bad mood, fed up with the shopping confusion, and the guy smiles at you and makes up a whole conversation about life. It actually makes your day just a little bit better.

3. The elevator man 

Oh this is the best one, I think. You know when you’re in an elevator; full of people, but so full, that you can’t even reach the button? In Brazil, you will never have that problem. It’s highly probable that you will have an elevator man clicking the button for you.

He goes up and down, and up and down again – all day long. It must be a good way to make friends; you must get familiar with the elevator riders.

 4. The shopping bag’s lady at the supermarket

When you’re paying for groceries at a supermarket in Brazil, you’ll see two lovely ladies at the register.

First time I saw it I just thought, why two? But it’s pretty obvious… there is one who registers all the items I’m buying, and then there’s a second one in charge of putting everything in the bags for me.

And if they really want to go the extra mile, they even pack everything by category inside the bags!

5. The 24-hour doormen

The 24-hour doormen exist in every single building in the city. Every lobby has a doorman opening and closing doors all day…and all night! It actually comes in hand when you forget your keys – he makes sure you don’t have to wait outside!

Also, they keep anyone company while waiting for a taxi. And they’re very resourceful in case something in the building is broken or damaged.


Seriously now. For us foreigners, not used to see these things, it’s very weird to have people doing stuff for us that we’re so used to do it ourselves. Having people packing my groceries or clicking the elevator button for me, it’s weird and completely unnecessary!

However, if we think about it, it makes a lot of sense. In Brazilian cities, there are way too many people compared to the number of available ‘normal’ jobs. So, I guess, these are just made-up positions to employ more people.

When I first came here I used to feel weird having these people doing these things for me, it reminded me a little bit of the old-old times, when people had servants. However, I can see now it’s just a way of helping some people to make a living!