Some of the Best Ways to Travel the World

best ways to travel the world

The other day I realized how many different transports we can use to travel. That’s when I started thinking on the ones I’ve already tried and ended up doing this post on the best ways to travel the world, depending on the place.

1. Crossing the Rajasthan desert, in India, on a CAMEL

camel riding, camel safari in rajasthan, jaisalmer desert, india

2. Cutting the waves (or trying to!) on a SURFBOARD in the South of Portugal (Sagres)

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3. Crossing the Nepali lakes in a KAYAK

kayaking in nepal, pokhara, asia, kayak, nepali lakes, chitwan national park

4. Visiting the different ports of Croatia in a SAILBOAT

sailing, sailboat,croatia, best places in europe, visit europe

5. SKIING down the mountains in France

ski, france, french alps, meribel, les 3 vallees,

6. Going across the dangerous and narrow roads in Nepal on a LOCAL BUS

experiencing local buses in nepal, local bus ride, nepali dangerous roads , biggest road accidents, bus accidents

7. Riding along the Venice canals on a GONDOLA

gondola, venice canals, best places in italy, italia, canals

8. Driving around the South Island, in New Zealand, in a CAMPERVAN

new zealand, south island,renting  camper van

9. Experience the complete mess of small towns in India on a TUK-TUK

tuk tuk, india, jaipur, asia, great things about india, indian culture, transports in india

10. Going all the way up to Machu Picchu ON FOOT

peru, machu picchu, hiking

11. Free falling with a SKYDIVING PARACHUTE over the south countryside in Portugal, at sunset.

tandem jump, skyding, evora, queda livre, portugal, extreme sports

12. BUNGEE JUMPING to reach the water in New Zealand.

new zealand, bungee jumping, bungy jump. queenstown, extreme sports, adventure experiences

13. Flying over the view of Anapurna, in Nepal, hanging on a PARAGLIDE

pokhara, nepal, paragliding, anapurna view, asia, things to do in nepal

14. Floating through the rapids on a RAFTING BOAT in New Zealand

white water rafting, new zealand, south island

15. Renting a SCOOTER, in Bali, to ride around Nusa Lembongan.

bali, indonesia, renting a scooter, traffic in bali

16. Camping along the southwest coast of Portugal in a CAR

portugal, camping, southwest coast, visit portugal, costa alentejana, costa vicentina, camping in portugal

17. Hitch-hiking on a PICK-UP in Samoa, to cross the island of Savai’i

hitch hiking, samoa, pacific islands, savai'i

18. Going up the hills in San Francisco, in a CABLE CAR

san francisco, california, usa, cable car, sanfran hills, sf

19. Flying over the great barrier reef, in Australia, on a SMALL PLANE.

australia, lizard island, whitesundays, great barrier reef

20. Driving across the Bolivian salt desert, in Uyuni, on a TRUCK

bolivia, uyuni, salt desert, south america on a shoestring

Here are 20 different means of transport that I could think of, I’m sure I’ll soon remember 20 new ones!!