Pre-Carnaval in Rio: TAKE 2

One more weekend in Rio has gone by. The last one was so good that I figured, why not go again?!

And so I went…

I’m in favor of doing what’s good in life over and over again. Hence, Rio de Janeiro this weekend!

More blocos and street parties

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More people wearing funny costumes

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More time spent at the beach

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More cool places visited

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Santa Teresa

More Brazilian music … and more, more, more!!

Weekends in Rio are just what you need after a week of work!!!

PS: Next weekend the actual Carnaval starts, if you’re wondering which Blocos to go, here are some good ones – Céu na Terra (Santa Teresa), Fogo e Paixão (Centro), Maracutaia (Praça 15), Me Esquece (Botanical Gardens).

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