Eu quero o tchu, eu quero o tcha, eu quero o tchu tcha tcha!


That’s the most famous song in Belo Horizonte at the moment, and even though it’s terrible, it gets annoyingly stuck in your head. It plays everywhere and as a result, when you least expect you’re singing ‘tchu tcha tcha…’ yourself!!

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This weekend we decided to embrace our Brazilian spirits and do something that most people around here do – a Barbecue. We rented the condo’s BBQ place and took over the swimming pool. We joined people from the office with a few other friends and had a day full of everything we deserve – good drinks, delicious food and a lot of music!

However, as good foreigners as most of us are, we gave it a little twist. Instead of just going for the typical Picanha meat and caipirinhas as drinks, we added spanish paella and tonic gin to the menu. In the end everyone had fun and one lesson was taken – Brazilians definitely know how to make a good party!

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Anyway, back to the title of this post… So, here I was trying to make a playlist for the barbecue, looking on the internet for all those brazilian songs that everyone seems to like. I asked a friend for some song names for me to download. She gave me a veeeery long list!!! I looked everywhere on the internet for those songs, but the only thing I could find was the ‘tchu tcha tcha’.

So what was the result? We obviously had to listen to that song, let’s just say, a few times!!! And it turns out, my friend was messing with me and gave me fake song names for me to look for!!! LOL 🙂

Note: if by now you’re curious about the song and thinking about going on youtube -DON’T!!! (not worth it ahaha)