Rio de Janeiro, Praia da Joatinga and beyond

Once again, I decided to go to Rio for the weekend. I was craving for some proper summer time, and sun and beach sounded perfect!

This time I didn’t stay in Barra, my friend Domi, from Lisbon, is now living in Rio so I stayed at her flat, in Ipanema.

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Praia da Joatinga

For the second time I came back from Rio thinking how cool it would be if I lived there. The city is absolutely amazing, especially the beaches. We went to an awesome beach called Praia da Joatinga, close to Barra da Tijuca. The tide was very high so there was no sand to lay down, everyone was laying on the rocks. We didn’t stay long ’cause the rocks were very uncomfortable, but it was nice just to go there and see. There were a few surfers on the water, but the beach was pretty much deserted and the view was incredible!

arpoador, copacabana, ipanema,brazil, rio de janeiro, sunset, por do sol

On Saturday night we met up with a few Portuguese to go out. We had dinner at this Cantinho do Leblon, which was very good and cheap – relatively cheap, given the prices in Brazil. Anyway, after a few caipirinhas and chopps, we went to this party in the town’s centre.

make my day party, rio de janeiro, brazil, z.bra hostel, brasil, clubbin in rio

The party was at a huge abandoned old building, 3 floors high. The whole building was decorated with crazy light effects and the music playing was great. There were some chains coming down from the ceiling and at some point a few dancers come out and climbed on the chains, just like in the circus. People went insane, it was funny.

rio de janeiro, best sunsets in the world, sunset in arpoador, brasil, por do sol no rio

Sunday, once again, the weather was great so we had to go the beach. Of course, it was totally over crowded, everyone sitting close to each other, just the way the Brazilians like! In the end of the day we saw this girl on the slack line doing some craaaaazy moves:

The weekend was great, soaking up the sun in the old Ipanema beach and a nice sunset in Arpoador made me just a little bit happier!! Plus, seeing my friend was just like the old times in London. Messy and crowded house, cooking dinner for everyone,…!! 🙂

And….the messiest bedroom I’ve ever seen unbelievable!!! ahahahMessy closet