How are Brazilians like?

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This weekend there’s not much to tell. Except that I learned a few things about Brazilian people, more specifically, about Brazilians from Minas Gerais. Not only they’re very nice, but also they can never say “no” (apparently it’s rude). Especially when it comes to saying no to a beer. That’s impossible!

In BH, every Boteco is full with beer drinkers from 10am until whenever. And it’s not like the tables rotate people, no!, the same ones sit there the whole day. Most of the time they’re on the beer, making a break every once in a while to have some cachaça as well. It’s amazing how much they can take!

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Anyway, this Saturday I had to work at a horse riding event. Yes, one more thing I realized about some Brazilians around here, they love to horse-ride, regardless of the weather conditions. This day in particular was very cloudy and cold (within the levels of cold in Brazil, of course), and it was raining heavy showers. What did they do? They woke up at 6am, travelled 1h30 to the place of the event and went on a horse for 3 hours under the rain. Hum, sooo tempting!

After drinking a considerate amount of beers for breakfast, they decided to empty their water bottles, fill them with more beer and then climb on their horses, ready to go. Incredible! And, 3 hours later they came back, ready for more!

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