Birthday Weekend

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This weekend was my birthday on Sunday (October 28th). It was the first time I spent it during summer time. In every place I spent my anniversary was always cold, but apparently this day was the hottest day of the year in Belo Horizonte.

So, this weekend was like one of those Gipsy Parties that last for several days, starting on thursday. I tried some new places, others I knew already. There was one called De Puta Madre, a very weird club but very good. It was one of those places, probably in the worst part of town, where everyone looks either dangerous or high. However, the music was great (electronic of course, judging by the type of people) and it wasn’t like the usual Brazilian club where every guy is sweaty and sticky. It was a lot of fun – there was a pole-dance in the middle of the dance floor!!!!!

Also, I tried another one called Soho, which is more like a bar/boteco. Here there’s a drinks menu and a games menu, and people go there to drink and play table games. Obviously, there were the classic ones like Monopoly and Clued,  but most of them I had never heard of. The result is pretty obvious, every table in the bar is surrounded by drunk people, laughing out loud and inventing all sorts of new rules. It’s a good place for a relatively light night, especially when people in different tables start mixing.

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On Sunday I went to Topo do Mundo (Top of the World), a restaurant on top of a mountain around Belo Horizonte, with a great view. There I went paragliding, which I had already done in Nepal, but it never hurts to do it again in a different country, it’s always a great experience! I flew with an American guy who was going to move to Pokhara, the place where I did my first paraglide jump. Big coincidence!!!

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Oh, and I forgot to mention I started going to Yoga classes twice a week. I thought I was going to do classes like the ones I tried in India, but that clearly didn’t happen. Every class is funnier than the one before, the Brazilian accent singing the mantras is hilarious. Ant then, there’s the breathing exercise, first the teacher gives a kleenex to everyone so we can blow our nose, and then everyone starts inhaling/exhaling like crazy people, as if they were suffocating. It’s extremely funny! I’m sure those exercises have many benefits, but so far I haven’t been able to do them without laughing. Anyway, it’s good do do some exercise!

Next time I write will probably be about Rio, I think I’ll catch a bus to get there.