Weekend in São Paulo

This weekend was spent in Sao Paulo. I caught a night bus on Friday after work and came back Monday morning to go straight back to the office. It was a super fast visit to SP, but it was worth it even thought I didn’t have time to do much.

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Saturday was the music festival Planeta Terra, the main reason for me to go there. Many good bands were playing, especially Best Coast, The Drums and Kings of Leon. The shows lasted for the whole day, so I didn’t do anything else on that day besides watching really good concerts.

The festival was a lot like the ones I’ve been to in Portugal, except there were practically no foreigners and I could hear Brazilian everywhere. However, the Brazil I saw there was very different from the one I know, and much more European. People were very alternative compared to what I’m used to around here, with weird clothes and hair cuts. It almost felt like I was in London again.

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The concerts were all good, except for Kasabian who decided not to show up. The best ones were the Drums, who I had already seen in Camden not long ago, but their show was as great as the first one. Kings of Leon were okay, but I was a little disappointed, by the end of the gig there were a lot of good songs that they didn’t play. Best Coast were very good as well, and so were the Maccabees.

The day after the festival I had a late lunch in a “Boteco”, the typical Brazilian restaurant with traditional food like “pastel de carne” and “coxinha de frango”. And then I went to the Ibirapuera Park, where the exhibition Bienal was set. The Bienal is one of the world’s biggest exhibitions of Contemporary Art, it’s a huge collection of installations, paintings, photography, drawings, film, etc. It had a lot of good stuff, but also some really bad ones. I guess that’s normal given the size of the collection. Anyway, it’s really worth seing it, not just for the art but also as an excuse to go to the park. The Ibirapuera is one of the most beautiful city parks I’ve ever seen!

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The weekend was great, it was enough to see how much fun Sao Paulo can be – with a loooooot of money on our pocket of course, ’cause it’s crazy expensive. It has a million different things to do, and good restaurants to try. Plus, I met with a little portuguese community, which was nice too. Maybe I’ll be back in SP for the next festival, in March!