Welcome to Belo Horizonte!!

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After the trip to India and Nepal I spent 3 very good weeks in Portugal. 3 weeks of pure vacation in Lisbon were just what I needed before moving away once again. Now I’m finally in Brazil, and for the next 7 months I’ll be doing an internship at Design Resorts, in Belo Horizonte.

I started working right after I got here, so I haven’t visited much of the city, and now the tourism is saved for the weekends. From what I’ve seen of the city, I can say it’s really big and impossible to walk around, the streets are very steep, there’s hills everywhere. I went to a place called Praça do Papa, on the top of a hill, which has a cool view of the entire city.

belo horizonte, minas gerais, brazil, south america, praça do papa, bh, view in belo horizonte

belo horizonte, minas gerais, brazil, brasil, latin america, south america, praça do papa, bh, view in belo horizonte

It is winter now and it’s very very hot, so I can imagine how warm it will get once it’s summer time. The worst thing is, there isn’t any beach here, but it’s fine anyway, there’s Rio 4 hours away. I can catch a bus anytime!! Plus, I’ve heard there’s a lot of places to visit around BH, which means I will soon start making little road trips on the weekends.

About the job, it’s been great so far. People are very nice (as usually Brazilians are) and they’ve been helping me a lot. The office is cool as well, it’s very relaxed and even fun sometimes. I have my own space and my own company phone!!! Not bad at all!!

Basically, the company is building a small luxury city from scratch called Reserva Real. It’s a gigantic condominium with thematic neighborhoods inside. There’s the golf condominium, the tennis, the equestrian and so on. And then, there’s also hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, schools,…. So, this whole project has thousands of houses to be sold, and contracts to be made. There’s a lot of marketing and events to promote it, negotiations with suppliers, constantly checking the works sight,…The To-do list is endless, which is good, I’ll always have stuff to help with.

On Saturday I tried a Brazilian club for the first time in Belo Horizonte, my friend from here took me out to a place called Paco Pigalle. It was a lot of fun and I met very nice people, Brazilians are extremely funny and always make you feel at home! They told me BH is known for being the Brazilian city with the largest amount of bars and clubs, so apparently they’ll be taking me to a bunch of good places.

Even though it’s still soon and I haven’t been around the city much, I think I will have a great time in Brazil. People are nice, there’s a lot of places to visit, the work is very interesting and the city has many things to do, what more could I ask for?!?! 🙂

–> I promise to have more photos soon!!