India: some of the best photos

Now, here are some pictures of the best moments and places we’ve been to in India.

taj mahal, agra, india, northern india

Jodhpur, rajasthan, india, northern india, blue city


jodhpur, the blue city, rajasthan, india, northern india, asia

Jodhpur, rajasthan, india, northern india, blue city, jodhpur fort

pushkar, rajasthan, northern indian, india, asia,

pushkar lake, pushkar, rajasthan, india, northern india, backpacking in india, visit india, asia

jaisalmer fort, jaisalmer, rajasthan, golden city, india, travelling in india, indian desert

jaisalmer, golden city, rajasthan, india, backpacking, north of india

indian saris, rajasthan, india, northern india, clothing in india


india, north of india, asia, rajasthan, jaisalmer, the golden city, the desert city


camel safari, desert safari, visit the desert, jaisalmer, india, pakistan boarder


camels, camel safari, desert safari, jaisalmer, rajasthan, india


bikaner, rajasthan, india, north of india, asian countries


rishikesh, international capital of yoga, ashrams, hinduism, meditation, ganga river


rishikesh, ganga river, holy river, india, northern india, world capital of yoga


chandigarh, developed cities in india, fantasy rock gardens, northern india


golden temple, sikh temple, sikh religion, india, amritsar, northern india, pakistan boarder


golden temple, biggest sikh temple in the world, amritsar, north of india, india