The end of the trip, back in Portugal!

After 30 hours spent in airplanes and airports, we’re finally back in Portugal. And the trip back home felt more like 30 days, than 30 hours, it took foreveeeer! But anyway, after 10 hours in Abu Dhabi and 6 in Milan, we arrived in Lisbon, and so did our backpacks full of gifts for our families.

Buddha Temple, nepal, kathmandu, kathmandu valley, hindu temple

Buddha Temple

It’s always sad when a trip is over but at the same time there’s always that little excitement of going back and saying hi to everybody, and telling them every story of our trip. Especially this one, that we had so many little adventures and funny situations.

Before catching the flight we had two days in Kathmandu, which were great to do some last shopping, relax a little bit and say goodbye to everyone at Pilgrims.

We had one last dinner with Cynthia from Australia, she offered us a few drinks and gave us a bottle of Gin for the trip, ‘in case you girls get bored’.  She’s a 40-year-old women waiting on a 24-year-old Indian guy to decide if he’s marrying who his family chose for him or if he’s going to reject the arranged marriage and stick with Cynthia. Even though she was a bit lost without knowing whether to stay in Nepal or go after him in India, she was still a lot of fun to be with.

Patan, kathmandu valley, kathmandu, nepal, asia

Patan, Kathmandu Valley

The Canadian guy was also there, the ‘best crystal meth cook in the world’ according to himself. The book about his life was already being printed to be published and he was planning to turn it into a movie as well. He told us he was in conversations with a few people and that Ryan Gosling was already on board to play him. Whether this is all true I guess I will only know if I ever see his book on a book shop, but one thing is true – there’s a lot about him on google!!

Anyway, there was a few more people there but most had left already. I left Kathmandu with one thought in my mind, that Nepal was great! If I compare it with India, it is evident that Nepal doesn’t have any astonishing monument like India has Taj Mahal or the Golden Temple, however it has a lot of other things that make it very special. First of all, it’s a great place to meet interesting people, the type of backpackers that goes there are always very cool and easy going, a lot of them with fascinating life stories.

Sunrise in Nagarkot, nagarkot, best sunrises, nepal, asia

Sunrise in Nagarkot

Sunset in Chitwan, chitwan national park, nepal, asia

Sunset in Chitwan

Plus, it had some of the most amazing landscapes I’ve ever seen, starting with the Annapurna view and the lake in Pokhara, the unforgettable sunrise above the clouds in Nagarkot, the view of Kathmandu from the top of the Monkey temple, and that incredible sunset in Chitwan. All of these moments (and many more) made our trip to Nepal very unique, different from all other trips we had done, and an experience that we will never forget.

pokhara, nepal, paragliding in nepal, nepal, asia

Pokhara view from Paragliding

Compared to India, Nepal doesn’t follow rules so strictly, it’s a lot more relaxed. And by rules I mean religion and society restrictions. Even though most of them are either Hindu or Buddhists, I think they’re not so devoted as in India. In other words, whereas in India I felt like they were very fanatic, in Nepal it’s a little less uptight. For example, women don’t cover their faces so much and most of them don’t wear saris, a lot of them work and sometimes even study, and overall they’re a lot easier to talk with. Everyone in Nepal speaks good English, which facilitates communication a lot.

monkey temple, swayambunath, nepal, kathmandu, hindu temple, kathmandu valley

Monkey Temple

Of course there are still a lot of arranged marriages, it’s still evident that the wife does what the husband says, and that are also many many temples where the Nepali can show their devotion. However, in general people are more interested in the outside world and a lot more communicative.

I can’t really choose which one was my favourite, Nepal or India, because some things were better in India while others were great in Nepal. But one thing I’m sure of, I probably won’t go back to Nepal because I feel like I’ve seen most of it, but I will definitely go back to India, I still haven’t seen any of the south, I have to visit Goa and Calcuta and see its Portuguese influences.