Jaisalmer, the Golden City of Rajasthan

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Jaisalmer Lake

Jaisalmer was great. Probably the most beautiful city of Rajasthan. It’s all yellow, all made of sandstone and also has  fort at the top of the hill. It is really close to the desert and to the boarder with Pakistan, therefore the heat is extreme and there are a lot of Muslims, maybe more than Hindus.

Everyone goes to this city not only for the fort and its special markets, but also to experience the desert and the Camel safaris. We did all of it! First we picked a budget hotel that had a swimming pool, The Golden City Hotel. It was cheap and the guys were nice. When we’re traveling in such a warm weather the pool feels like heaven, really!

So we went around the fort in the morning, we saw some markets, talked with some locals and did some more shopping. I don’t really know how to put it into words, but the city has something special, it’s even more unique than the others and has this really cool vibe everywhere.  There is also a very nice lake where, I think, many people wash themselves and where there were millions of fish. The fish were extremely ugly and big, one meter long maybe, and there were people feeding them so they would come to the surface like crazy and they would almost kill each other, it was scary but cool at the same time!

jaisalmer desert, khuri, india, rajasthan

In the afternoon we went to the desert to spend the night there, see the sunset and try riding a camel. Riding a camel was cool, they’re a lot taller than I expected and, even though they smelled kind of bad, the feeling of being on top of a camel was great. However, the desert was a little bit under our expectations. We thought we would be going into the deep desert but it was actually just a group of dunes surrounded by wind turbines everywhere. It felt weird to be in a desert in the middle of a wind energy park, it didn’t feel like it was the real thing. But anyway we had fun, we saw a lot of stars in the middle of the night and we rode on camels!!! Plus, when we got back we complained and we got some money back, plus a free lunch!

camel safari, jaisalmer, india, rajasthan

Now, we’re heading to Rishikesh, the international Yoga Capital, where hopefully we will try some meditation and some yoga.