Pilgrims Guest House – our home in Kathmandu!


Our hotel in Kahmandu deserves a description in detail. In total we left and came back to Pilgrims Guest House around 5 times, and now we already refer to it as our home. People there were very nice, both guests and employees, and it seemed like evefone knew us, ‘the 4 portuguese girls who wander around all the time’!!! There we met many people and made some good friends. It had a cool open air room with loads of pilows and tables where everyone sat for hours, just chatting and drinking some beers. 

We met Tom, an Australian guy who was supposed to go back home after 6 months of travelling but was invited to go on a 4 month sailing trip from India to Africa and then to Melbourne, which he obviously couldn’t refuse. We also met Nancy and her twin kids, Tally and Sammy, who were all living in Nepal for 2 months already. The twins were 11 years old, from London, and were very funny. They used to spend the nights with all the grow ups and made everyone laugh for ours.

Moreover, there was this crazy German woman, Mandy, who sat the whole day in the same place and barely spoke English. Apparently, she was running away from home, no one knew where she was, she left a daughter in Germany and still didn’t know if she wanted to go back at all. According to her the whole world is conspiring against her, and soon she will die in a plane crash and a 3rd World War will start due to her death. There was also Cindy, who decided to sell everything she owned in Australia to go travelling. While she was in India she started dating this Indian guy who was now supposed to marry with an Indian girl that his family fixed for him. So now, long story short, Cindy is stuck in Nepal waiting for him to solve everything with his family back in India, and decide if he wants to stay with her or do what his mother wants – big soap opera!!

Elysee, was a French guy that always made our nights better by bringing the guitar and singing for us. Most of what he sang was French and I couldn’t understand bu it was still nice o listen to.

There were many others, all of them with unbelievable life stories, some from Palestine who lived in Israel because it was safer, other weird guys from Iran who all they ever did was smoke joints, a Canadian former crystal meth drug dealer who was a fugitive (at least that’s what he told us), and so on.

So you can imagine how funny our nights were with all these very entertaining people.