Days spent in Pokhara

So we had to give up of the trekking. And I swear it wasn’t because we’re very lazy and didn’t feel like walking up the mountain through paths full of leeches and under 40 degrees heat. Okay, maybe a little. But it was also because we needed a permit to do it and it was waaaay out of our budget, really! Plus, we were afraid of not being able to finish it in time to go back to Kathmandu and catch the flight to India.

Anyway, there’s a lot more stuff to do around Pokhara and we decided to do those things instead. There are many walks we could do to places with no need for permit and several lakes to swim in. One day we went to Begnas Tal, a lake 15 kms away from Pokhara known for having very few tourists and being very quiet. We rented a boat and went paddling around the lake.

Begnas Tal Lake, nepal, asia, pokhara

Begnas Tal Lake

Paddling ended up being very tiring. But we did it anyway. We paddled across the lake  for 2 kms to get to the other side, where we found a really cool resort with a swimming pool that looked like paradise for us. It was really hot and swimming in the lake was scary, we could see very tiny things swimming in the water that could easily go in our bodies without us even noticing. Plus, we started imagining having warms in our intestine growing inside us and we decided not to do it. The pool was much nicer!

World Peace Pagoda, nepal, asia, pokhara

World Peace Pagoda

The day after we walked all the way up to World Peace Pagoda, a big Hindu temple on top of the mountain in front of Pokhara, with a great view to the city. We climbed for about 30 minutes but it was so hard and so hot that for us counted as a full trekking day. But after all it was worth it, the temple was beautiful and the view was great, we were almost as high as we were when we jumped with the paragliding!

World Peace Pagoda, hindu temple, asia, nepal, hinduism

View from the World Peace Pagoda

After that trekking we were exhausted so we decided to go for a massage. It was only 5 euro and we felt like we deserved it. I’ve never liked massages but since they were all going for it I figured why not?! Let’s give it a try. Big mistake! I got beaten up by this really small lady who thought that massaging my back and head was literally hitting them with all the strength in the world. Plus I had a big sunburn on my back so imagine how much it hurt. Half an hour later I got out of there with a huge headache and probably some bruises in my back. They all loved it though, so maybe it was just me who got unlucky with the girl.

On the day after we first went to the International Mountain Museum, which was basically the history of the Nepali indigenous who lived around the Himalayas and all the mountaineers who climbed them. We learned that the first 2 guys who climbed the Everest were from New Zealand and Nepal, in 1953. Since then many expeditions have been going on and some climbers have managed to climb the 8848 meters without any oxygen bottles!

In the same day we also went to the Tibetan Settlement, a monastery that is home for Tibetan refugees  and more than 100 monks. We saw their daily chanting ceremony, where all the monks gather inside the temple to sing prayers and play music with many different instruments. This was a Buddhist monastery, full of Buddhas everywhere and offerings to the god. It was interesting to see how happy and peaceful all those young men. Despite living in that isolated place without any women, they’re very happy to live a life fully dedicated to their Religion.

To go back to kathmandu we had to catch a bus and go trought THE highway one more time. But this time we knew better! The trip is 7 hours if everything goes well and no accidents happen, which is very unlikely. So, to avoid another bad bus trip we went to the pharmacy and bought some xanax (obviously, in Nepal precriptions don’t exist). And that was the perfect solution,we slept like babies the whole time.

Now, Monday is the day to take care of everything before India, we will go to the Embasy to get our visa and hopeffuly on Tuesday we will fly to Delhi!