Paragliding in Pokhara

After 8 long hours in the car and passing by two accidents where trucks flipped completely upside down on the side of the road, we finally got to Pokhara. We were told this is a lot nicer than Kathmandu, not as much traffic, noise or pollution.

We stayed at a very bad hotel, sleeping next to lovely cockroaches and ants. So, next morning we changed to a better hotel and now we’re paying premium – 1.5 euro!!! It has a funny name, Hotel Sakura, and is full of Asian people ehehe… some of them we met during the rafting.

paragliding in pokhara, nepal, parachuting

It turned out to be true; Pokhara is very quiet and relaxed. It has a nice view of the mountains, the highest ones being all covered in snow, which is weird because the temperature here is around 40 degrees. It’s cheaper; it has many bars, young people and one lake where we can swim. Plus, in front of our guest house there’s a big hotel with a pool where the employees let very nice girls go in for free!!

Then we went paragliding, one of the best things to do in Pokhara to see the view of Annapurna and all the mountains. Even though there were a few clouds, it was amazing. The landscape is great and the parachuting itself is an awesome feeling. Some of us got lucky with the wind and the pilot did a lot of pirouettes. The funniest part is right at the beginning when we have to run for a few meters and then jump from the top of the hill! It’s a lot of fun but not scary though, anyone can do it!!

Now, we’re trying to find a cheap and short trekking to do, we don’t have a lot of days before India and the heat is too strong to walk too much. Plus our budget is getting tighter!