Rafting in Nepal

After Chitwan we had to go back to Kathmandu to catch the flight to Delhi. However, as always happens in this country, on Saturday morning something went wrong and we couldn’t fly. This time the problem were the visas, they take a lot more time than we thought and now we have to wait 10 days to have it issued. It takes that long not only because everything takes a long time around here but also because it seems like we caught all the public holidays, strikes and all sorts of other good reasons not to work.

Anyway, we decided to spend 2 days in Kathmandu, do some rafting and visiting stuff that we haven’t seen yet. And then we would go to Pokhara, the place with for the trekking and paragliding.

For the rafting, once again we had to do that lovely highway that we like so much. We obviously had to go through a lot more accidents and new situations with buses, but that is not relevant anymore. We have to accept the truth, there’s a terrible death road in Nepal that leads to everywhere in this country and that is so so dangerous that there’s at least 2 or 3 accidents every time we do it.

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The rafting was funny, the river wasn’t that fast, I think level 4 maybe. But we went with a big group, lots of boats and our guide was nice. Plus, we had this very entertaining Chinese guy that, without even noticing, made us laugh the whole trip! He was very yellow and scared, judging by his face he could vomit on top of Mary at any second.

We came back to Kathmandu at night and it was really good to arrive at Pilgrims Guest House once again. We’ve been there so many days already that it feels like home, everyone knows us. This time there were some new guests, including a guy that had been meditating for the last 10 days and preferred to play music the entire night instead of talking. We didn’t mind at all, he played really good music and hearing him singing was a lot nicer than hearing him talking.

After several beers, good music and laughing a lot… BED! Tomorrow wake up early, take care of everything about the visa to India and go straight to Pokhara.