Chitwan National Park

Chitwan is a park in Nepal where people go to see bears, elephants, rhinos and so on. Plus, there it’s also possible to go rafting, ride an elephant and do some safaris.

Right now is monsoon season and because of the heavy rains it’s too dangerous to go inside the park in a jeep or do rafting in the river. We thought about riding an elephant but it was too expensive and it would probably be boring after a while. So, we ended up doing a 4-hour hike inside the jungle with a guide.

Chitwan National Park, sauraha, nepal

Chitwan National Park

We were hiking for a very long time, under 40 degrees heat and sometimes under rain. We walked 14 kms in the jungle and it was very scary at times, especially when we were walking in the middle of very tall plants with millions of leeches everywhere and getting constantly cut by the plants. But it was cool, we saw a lot of monkeys, wild Bambies with huge horns and white spots, elephants, and the best of all a baby bear 10 meters away from us. We missed the rhinos though, they were nowhere to be found.

Sunset in Chitwan, chitwan national park, nepal

Sunset in Chitwan

In the afternoon we went to the ‘elephant bathing area’, where people usually go to have a few drinks, watch the sunset and see the elephants literally having a bath in the river. We went there at 6pm, we took a few beers and stayed there until almost 1 am. The place was quiet, the sunset was amazing and we made some Nepali friends.

The day after we had to go back to Kathmandu to be there in time to catch the flight to India. And once again we had to catch a bus and do the famous “Nepali highway”. It was our 3rd time doing this road and the last two were very eventful journeys, so we were expecting anything. But, deep down we honestly believe there was no way something would happened again. No way!

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Well, because the road had to live up to its fame, another accident had happened, another truck had fallen down the cliff and once again the traffic were completely stopped. Luckily this time things were solved faster and after 7 hours we were finally back in Kathmandu in the same hotel we stayed the very first nights. It was like coming home, everyone knew us and were happy to see us!

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Top of Kathmandu Valley