Experiencing local buses in Nepal

After the experience in Darkhe we had to find a new plan for our trip. We had 4 days before going to India and Pohkara was not an option because we wanted to do it in the end. We decided to go to Chitwan National Park, a famous place to do safaris and see some animals.

Once again we had to catch a local bus, this time for 5 hours, and once again it was a big nightmare, probably worse than the first one. First of all there was a big strike going on so we had to wait until 11 am for the buses to start running. And, in the beginning everything seemed fine, we had a lot of space in the bus, and we could even lie down and sleep comfortably. But, of course that couldn’t last for long!

People start coming in the bus, millions of them and after a few minutes we were almost sitting on the lap of each other with our bags on top of us. All of this adding to the fact that we were doing the famous narrow highway with holes and curves everywhere, inside a bumpy bus with no brakes, and with a crazy guy as driver! Unbelievable!

nepal, kathmandu, darkhe, chitwan national park

After two hours of discomfort, bad smells, people all over me and constant bumps we were thinking nothing worse could happen. Once again, we were WRONG!! Another big accident had happened during the night and a tourist bus had fallen over the edge all the way down to the river. We could actually see the bus in the water! We asked if anyone had survived to which the answer was a simple ‘no’ with the calmest face in the world. (Obvious, right?!)

Anyway, it wasn’t over yet! A little while later, there was this girl sitting next to me who started vomiting a lot, 2 cms to the side and the vomit would have been all over me. The whole bus started smelling like rotten cucumber, she had probably eaten one of those terrible cucumbers that the locals were so delighted with. Sophia and I had to move away from that stinky sit and went to sit on the floor in the front of the bus, at least there we were safe from others’ vomit. Huum, maybe not! A bit later another girl, again sitting next to me, decided to follow the steps of the previous one and start puking. But at least this time she was smart enough to put her head outside the window, thank god!

We couldn’t believe what was happening, it was so surreal. Definitely the worst bus trip I’ve ever done. And yet, we couldn’t stop laughing the whole time, the situation was so funny! And the best (or worst?) thing was that, once we had finally reached the end of thetrip, we had to catch another local bus because the other one didn’t go close enough to the national park. No one was vomiting in this one but it was a moving Nepali disco club, with traditional music playing out loud!

After 30 minutes listening to Nepali music you’d think we had finally reached our destination, right? No, wrong again! A third bus was waiting for us because we weren’t close enough yet!! Unbelievable.

chitwan national park, elephants, nepal, asia

Elephant in Chitwan

After the 3rd local bus, we finally reached Sauraha, the base town to go to the park. It was an endless trip, we were completely exhausted and starving. But in the end, an enormous elephant walking next to us in the road made us just a little bit happier 🙂